There's a lot going on with Blueprint Saints Magazine, and the best way to tell you about some of the things going on is video. Below are two artists profiles from the project. We're working on a documentary about the magazine and what it means to people. There's a ton more to show you, but for now, here are two artist profiles we think might help you understand the essence of why we're making this project at all.

Artist Profile: Nick Floyd

Nick was the first artist ever recruited for the Blueprint Saints Magazine project. He has been a champion and example for when an artist really gets the point of our publication.

Nick has put in years to the project. He's never let go. He was one of six people at a pizza shop when there was only one artist interested -him.

124 creators, 8 years later, a prototype in hand and The Open Age of Comics birthed, Nick is still hanging on. 

We have a personal love for Nick -we don't see him as just an artist. He's an extraordinary person, and it's great to get to do life with a guy that we deeply respect. And, he pretty much kicks anyone's a** that is in it for the money. Seriously -he's done that.


Artist Profile: Bryan Sanders

Bryan's been through the ringer. He's a tried and true friend of Blueprint Saints. We discovered him while he was working on his movie -doing all the effects, storyboarding, writing and shooting. He's a brilliant character and a special friend to us because he also has never let go.

No matter how nuts the idea was, Bryan saw the passion. He saw that the impossible was possible. 

Bryan is one of the hardest workers we have ever seen in the comic Arts. He is devoted to his craft, but he's also a great person that has brought new and innovative ideas to the project -along with a huge ton of hope.

He and his brother Eric have embarked on careers in film. In the meantime, while he makes his next movie, he draws for Blueprint Saints. We're tremendously proud of Bryan. His spirit of encouragement and hope in infectious. 

In a world where people give up on their dreams, Bryan is just stubborn and smart enough to hang on. Trust is, it's hard as heck to do something big in this crazy thing we call life. He's doing it.


A Fight Breaks Out