Q&A: Comic Creators Live

What is Comic Creators Live and Why Should I Go?

Comic Creators Live (CCLive) needs much less explanation that Blueprint Saints Magazine. It's just not that complicated.

It's a social team of comic creators, artists, storytellers and technicians that come together to be part of projects, educational resources, seminars, gallery shows, and technical drawing courses and more. It is also a think-tank that allows for the creation of new products that are commercial for the creators, but fostered for free by the team of volunteers that lead the experiences. Pretty simple.

What Are the Kinds of Services at CCLive?

Want to learn how to draw? Design? Use software? That's some of the things CCLive provides. We bring in some of the most significant industry professionals from a variety of businesses (not just comic creators) so that artists are empowered in their trade, but also fostered in their abilities and given some of the actual business tools necessary to thrive in a competitive environment. 

Is the Comic Team Closed to Involvement?

No. CCLive is always taking more people on board to be part of the various projects that are part of the movement. To get involved, send an email to the CCLive team at: