Blueprint Saints Magazine isn't just a "comic magazine". We've always said that this publication was a visual storytelling and creative writing publication. So, we built "Evergreen".

     We have more than 30 writers on this team -none of them writing comics in this magazine. They're a bunch of wild creatives that have been writing for years, and we found them one at a time and recruited them just like we did our comic creators. We have an 8 page spread in this magazine designed for readers that maybe don't even like comics. We knew that with this magazine we wanted to hit a very wide reach, and creative writing was not to be underestimated.

     While many may pick on us for not being a "comic exclusive publication", we pride ourselves in that fact that visual storytelling isn't just in making comics you can read, but that the written word can work with a readers imagination -all images generated by what each reader is thinking while reading.

     We were big fans of choose your own adventure novels and old-school 1980's text-based games like "ZORK" from INFOCOM, so we love the fact that we get to mess with words. Maybe this venue will be your favorite and you'll go get a copy of Blueprint Saints Magazine because you don't even like comics, but find these stories, poems and written experiences actually magical.