You may have never heard of "Augmented Reality", but Our Space is made up of bar codes, QR codes, and all sorts of strange codes that interact with electronic media. Because our magazine is founded as a print magazine, we wanted to take advantage of print media and have it interact with digital media. That's why our coding system is so powerful. It allows our magazine to physically react with your mobile phones, android tablets, ipads and all forms of digital technology that can scan from a sheet of paper. It's a darned cool page, and we don't have it totally figured out.

     We pride ourselves in being open and really admitting that we don't get everything right away. We want to be able to consistently do interesting things with augmented reality and New Media. We think it's pretty cool that our printed comic magazine can not only interact with electronic media, but react to it and lead it into new territory. And, because these codes are in print, they'll be in your hands as long as you have an issue of Blueprint Saints Magazine -yet another reason to get your hands on these limited release issues.

     To reward those collectors that keep our magazine's on a clean shelf, we will constantly be changing the coding system electronically, so your back issues of Blueprint Saints Magazine do new things all the time. The print magazine won't change, but we'll be messing with the way it routes, and that means that when you scan that same piece of paper a year later, it might be doing something brand new. That's just freakn' awesome!

    That's "Our Space".

Our Space