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Open ComicWare:

     Please note that this is not the main site for "Open ComicWare". The link is in the lower right.

    As for what you need to know about Open ComicWare...

Building this software was nearly impossible, and this is why it's an amazing gain to both you and the comic world. We worked tirelessly on this and spent tens of thousands of dollars and limiteless man-hours so that you in the comic world wouldn't have to do one thing.

    In the tradition of all the things we launch through "The Open Age of Comics", we have created software that will be released in two years time that will be freeware and open source. It's precisely in line with the way the operating system Linux functions. We wanted to make an environment, or operating system for the comic world that would enable them to function more freely and open. With Open ComicWare, you'll see what all the hub-bub is about soon eough.

     We've taken some extraordinary steps and broken all the rules so that you could have the freedom you need to go for the impossible. It's a rare thing for people to do something like this, so in the tradition of GIMP, Open Office, Celtx, Linux and some of the great things we admire, we've made "Open ComicWare".The dedicated Open ComicWare website exists so that you can understand, experience, use and maybe even appreciate what we've built for you to have for free, while simultaneously being part of a revolution in comics as being a developer in the Open Age of Comics.