The Comic Arts Partnership

The Comic Arts Partnership is an extraordinary Arts organization that has a singular focus on fostering the creative Arts in visual narrative. It is a non-profit organization based out of Lexington, KY, with a focus on fostering the awareness of comics and comic creators to the every man.

The founding principle of the Comic A.P. is that it is an organization that supports the comic Arts, the comic community, provides educational resources for the public about comics and comic creation, helps foster comic creation and creativity, endorses gallery shows and gives artists a chance around the country to get their work shown in all forms of media. 

The Comic Arts Partnership owns none of the intellectual property of anyone involved in any team. It is an organization that funds and supports comic communities around the world, fostering leadership for the next generation in a true Open Source Print Environment -functioning within "The Open Age of Comics".



Lexingtoons is the social experience that makes Blueprint Saints Magazine possible. It is comprised of comic creators that are both physically and virtually attending events that are part of the Open Age of Comics and the production of Blueprint Saints Magazine.

Lexingtoons is the life-blood to Blueprint Saints Magazine (BPSm). Without this team of creators doing live together in whatever fashion they can, the world's first Open Age Magazine would cease to exist. We've been together too long to let a team like this fade away. We've stepped up to so many challenges. Lexingtoons is where comic creators go beyond mere magazine creation, to immersive life change. With forums, chat, file sharing and the ability to do live video, Lexingtoons truly is the first of its kind when it comes to a facebook-like feel that still keeps the heart of the comic creator at its core.


Blueprint Saints Magazine

Blueprint Saints Magazines founding principle is that it is a print-based magazine given to the people in a specific region for free. The magazine utilizes local talent, a local printing company, and a local audience.  Blueprint Saints Magazine is the champion project from within the Comic AP itself.
     Blueprint Saints Magazine owns none of the intellectual property of anyone involved in any team. It is a magazine that gives a chance for the unseen comic creators of this region to be seen in print -real print, not a few mockups dropped off in shops here and there, but on a massive scale and directly to the people that would otherwise not read comics. 


 Welcome to the Open Age of Comics!