This 191 page "coffee table" book contains the zero issue along with the story of creating the publication. 

Available: June 30, 2018 (softcover)


This smaller 137 page publication contains only the Zero Issue of Blueprint Saints Magazine. It is the core of the movement and contains only the original layout of the project.

Available: December 1, 2018 (softcover)

*Note: Both the Zero Issue and the Zero Issue and Storybook are sold at the cost to manufacture. No monies or percentages are paid to the publisher, developers and or artists. This was in fact the only way to make this publication available in the best way possible. More information about these two issues can be found at the purchase link at The manfacuterer is One of the pretexts of what makes the Open Age of Comics great is that this publication serves as publishing protection for the artists involved and claims no ownership or profit from the artists in any capacity. 

If you have additional questions you'd like answered directly, you can write the publisher of this project at:

Blueprint Saints Magazine Lexington, KY