Deep Grounds


     Deep Grounds in the most complicated venue in blueprint saints magazine. It's also the venue that took the longest to build and recruit.

The Underground Comic movement started in the early 1970s and it is still a huge piece of comics now. It has influenced all visual storytelling and all comic creators should honor that hard-won victory with the underground. Since it was so significant within the comic Arts, we absolutely needed to embrace that form of comic. That is why Deep Grounds is the most substantial venue in terms of the amount of artists we have, and the depth of the comic experience. We won't kid you, the challenging nature of the venue may make some flip right on by -and that's okay. What we weren't okay with was not having it be about half of our magazine. So, here's hoping that you don't get so frustrated with the magazine you throw it away ( these are collector's items you know ). We had to honor this experience, and it is one of the most personal venues to us. Our projects founders have always believed in storytelling that is authentic. Sometimes, the things that upset us the most are the things that change us the most. Sometimes the things that scare us end up not being so scary.

     While we haven't set out to make a giant mosh-pit of horror ( Deep Grounds is not horror ), we've built this section so that artists have the maximum amount of freedom we can give them. We do have an editorial right of refusal team, and there automatic decline circumstances, but we try to let this venue be something that helps people think, grow and ultimately appreciate great Art.


     We love every one of our venues, and it is this venue alone that has the most rich content. We ask that you respect the opinions of the creators. We have no sway over their content.

     Our founder has said, "I don't want to be a Larry Flint on one side, and a Jerry Fallwell on the other. It's that middle ground we want to hit -that deep ground."

     That's how Deep Grounds came to be.