Q&A: The Comic Arts Partnership

What is the Comic Arts Partnership?

The Comic Arts Partnership is an extraordinary Arts organization that has a singular focus on fostering the creative Arts in visual narrative. It is a non-profit organization based out of Lexington, KY, with a focus on fostering the awareness of comics and comic creators to the every man.

The founding principle of the Comic A.P. is that it is an organization that supports the comic Arts, the comic community, provides educational resources for the public about comics and comic creation, helps foster comic creation and creativity, endorses gallery shows and gives artists a chance around the country to get their work shown in all forms of media.

The Comic Arts Partnership owns none of the intellectual property of anyone involved in any team. It is an organization that funds and supports comic communities around the world, fostering leadership for the next generation in a true Open Source Print Environment -functioning within "The Open Age of Comics".

Who is in Charge of the Organization?

The Comic AP is not in charge of comic content in any capacity. It is a rather boring nuts and bolts kind of oversight team. There is an actual board made up of a chairman an industry professional, a print professional, an attorney, an accountant, a member from Blueprint Saints Magazine and a few others that are categorically different and rather dry people that are there to vote in a democratic fashion for the budgeting, protection and expansion of the organization. 

There is an executive director and his assistant that are the only paid staff. Over 95% of the fund taking in are spent on the actual publication Blueprint Saints Magazine, facilities, communications and education. It's a unique organization in the comic Arts that also fosters mirrored organizations -meaning that its structure, planning, documents and leadership are all invested in other states so that other 501(c)3 comic organizations can thrive in The Open Age of Comics.

What is Currently Happening with the Comic AP?

We have completed our filings for our 501(c)3 and are solidifying our board. We're about to give tools to the executive director so that he can recruit donors and help artists thrive.