We all grew up on "Garfield", "Peanuts" and "For Better or Worse" comics ( otherwise known as the funnies), so we didn't want to miss the mainstream market.

     Some readers will find no meaning in the underground works in Deep Grounds, or they may be annoyed by GNA. The reason we built so many venues into this magazine was so that each person would gravitate to their favorite comics, while still getting the chance to experience the full gamut of what's in the comic world.

     Stream is comprised of works that you have never seen, but works that still seem familiar in that the lighter tone is both visually and thematically expressed. We knew that it was impossible to make a magazine that everyone would like completely, so we wanted to make a magazine that was so open that it would allow for everyone to at least find one thing they like. Stream is an easy "like". It's a fun read and is filled with real gems of humor from our local creators. Expect Stream to be moderately challenging, while still being fun and compelling.