GNA: Graphic Novel Artists


     GNA is one of our favorite venues in Blueprint Saints Magazine. If you didn't know, a graphic novel is really the modern term for a comic book ( sort of ). A graphic novel is a heavy story driven book that is in long-format.

     Often times graphic novels have an extensive immersive readership quality. We wanted our magazine to feature this experience, so we built a venue just for graphic novelists.

     In our publication, we have 10 graphic novelists. We've built the venue in such a way that it requires turning the actual magazine off axis. It may seem like a printing mistake, but we assure you it's not. We had to do this so as to get the most space possible for reading in a standard comic dimension. We've done our best to make a very big publication so there is less than a 15% reduction in the version in our magazine. It's the venue with the longest elements of story, that's for sure.

     These stories are continued each month -the same 10 creators rotating across the pages. In each month there is a featured GNA creator that gets a 6 page spread. You'll get the chance to really experience the artists' vision, and ultimately come to an understanding of how graphic novels work.

     While we understand that not all readers will like this kind of comic and format, we encourage you to get to know the venue. We have a slew of other venues in our publication so you can find your favorite kind of comic. But, when it comes to graphic novelists, they can really reach for the stars when it comes to telling story. Stick with the venue each month. You'll find it's worth your time.