While we consider comic creators able to create comics that are on the verge of Fine Art, we have a special venue for Fine Artists in our community. We wanted to bring some of the more interesting works to life across two full pages in our magazine. It not only makes for a restatement of our magazine as a "gallery space", it also helps break up the two most significant venues in the magazine -Deep Ground and Stream.

     We've carefully recruited some of the best Fine Artists we could find in Lexington, KY so that they can be known regionally almost immediately. While we do not show any Fine Art works or comics on this website, we do point to the .com sites of all these Fine Artists.

     We've been working in the field of the Arts for over 20 years now, and we simply couldn't underestimate the need of this kind of Art in our publication. We've found that embracing this along with some of the experimental comics has helped everyone grown in our team.

     We encourage you to go to their gallery showings, buy prints of their works, and meet them in person. We don't sell any form of these Artists works, so you'll need to go there directly. Maybe you could buy a signed print from them, and if you're really lucky, maybe they'll sell you an original!

Fine Art