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​Free Open Source Tools for "The Open Age of Comics"



​​OCW Jellyfish: "Neuro-Spirit" Release summer 2020

* V1.1Open ComicWare Neuro-Spirit Software Packaging


Because of the dynamic nature of "The Open Age of Comics", many project have already been created that express this new way of doing things. We will be getting into the elaborate content soon.

About Jellyfish & Neuro-Spirit


Blueprint Saints Magazine


Learn about the world's first Open Age Magazine by either clicking on the QR Code below, or scanning it for mobile.


Think of us like a "Wikipedia meets Linux for the Comic World". There are many ways of creating comics, but some common principles have to be adhered to in order to be a part of this very real movement.


We'll clear this up for you shortly:


We have worked with some of the most substantial Artist, Designers, Project Managers and experimental inventors while developing this project. With each new build, you'll see the spirit behind this movement that is about the environment of comic creation.


Learn About the Apps, Documents, Tools and Resources of OCW:


Open ComicWare is comprised of software, tools, testimonials and experiences that when combined provide a resource for an absolute revolution in Comic Art creation.

Getting Involved in the OCW Community:

The true power behind OCW is the user generated content that will ultimately become part of each build of an OCW Software build. The Forums of OCW function as a place to interact on how to make Open Age Projects, as well as request new features and craft some features of your won for possible verification and inclusion into an OCW software build.

We are currently looking for players in helping us make Neuro-Spirit a special release.


“This is brand new stuff unlike anything the comic creator world has ever seen. But ofcourse, these things take time.”

Benjamin Kuchera, Project Manager


Under dev. 1.1


iphone & Android App

in development:

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