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Open ComicWare is the world's first free open-source software comic creation and tools release kit ever made by a comic community. It is comprised of a small team of designers, programmers, artsits and research specialists that are working together to release tools to comic creators. 

You can learn more about Open ComicWare by going to:

Comic Creators Live (CCLive) is the social team behind a revolution in comics. This team is comprised of comic creators and has the singular focus of creating "Open Age" products for resale within their own companies. The Comic AP fosters those individuals in a variety of ways similar to the SBA.

You can learn more about CCLive by going to:


Open ComicWare

Blueprint Saints Magazine

Blueprint Saints Magazine is the world's first "Open Age Magazine". It was crafted across 8 years of R&D and was responsible for some of the most substantial new concepts in comic Art creation. It is in production with 124 comic creators from the city of Lexington, Kentucky -all recruited one at a time over four years of recruitment.

You can learn more about Blueprint Saints Magazine by going to:



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